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Inspired customer service with Fritz Klug of Bell's Brewery.

12:40p - Looking forward to Fritz sharing his insights at 1p. He's taking a moment before his talk to enjoy the empty space.

1:10p - Bells focuses on Person to Person Communication when it comes to their marketing.

Our product is a part of people's lives

1:21pm - Tools for managing customer service:

  • Sprout social brings all your social networks togheter so you can manage it more easily as a team.

  • Trello as a content calendar.

  • Slack for internal team communication

  • ZenDesk for tracking customer communicaitons over time

1:30p - Video is a great way to respond when you get questions like "what is that stuff in my Oberon?"

But why did it work?

1. Gave the fans an expert in the field.

2. It reinforces what ours fans already know.

3. Provides information for people​ who have the same questions.

1:32 - Takeaways:

  • Understand your team roles

  • Create or adopt a suystem that can grow or scale

  • Have consistent voice (train you team on it)

  • Invest in customer service

  • Think about fun ways to answer questions (Add culture to your voice)

1:35 - Hiring for culture will ensure your team is passionate enough to get engaged with customer service

Don’t waste anymore time wondering if your marketing works. We will work with you to reveal a realistic marketing strategy for attainable growth and success. Improve your website visibility, social engagement, content relevance, email delivery, and customer communication strategy.

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