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How Video Changed Our Marketing - and How You Can Not Suck At It

2:55p - Dan Moyle of Amerifirst Home Mortgage shares how he gets his audience excited about mortgages using videos

3:06 - How to start with video...At the beginning!

Answer customer questions (FAQ)

Early video:

Successful content types:

  • Expert interviews

  • 5 quick Questions & Answers

  • Videos beyond core content (IE Tax time for homeowners)

  • "What is" videos (definition videos)

  • Stories (Not Testimonials)

Tactics that didn't work:

  • Aiming for viral

  • Trying to be funny

  • Testimonials (Stories work better)

What's Next for Amerifirst:

  • Live streaming

  • Short videos - Instagram

  • Multiple Platforms

  • Style Variations

  • Try Viral Again


  • Short doesn't mean good. (11min video had most views for Amerifirst)

  • Buy not high end gear

  • Bring in your team to be the experts or stars

  • Don't be afraid to fail, you will. Be sure to learn.

Don’t waste anymore time wondering if your marketing works. We will work with you to reveal a realistic marketing strategy for attainable growth and success. Improve your website visibility, social engagement, content relevance, email delivery, and customer communication strategy.

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