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Social Media and Marketing Automation...

...the Good, The Bad and the Pretty Cool

1:49pm - Maneeza Aminy of Marvel Marketers up next!

2:01 - Marketing Automation is the unheard Giant

  • 2011-2014 Massive explosion

  • 2014-2016 Massive consolidation

  • Marketo Acquired for $2B

2:05pm - Understanding Demand Generation -> The Funnel is the foundation of marketing automation

  • Entry points

  • Mechanics

  • lead scoring

  • Tracking

  • Sales Rep

  • Win/Loss

2:08 - "Automation is quite manual. It takes a lot of human interaction to tell a computer how to interpret human engagement."

Automation Provides transparency - Connects marketing to bottom line revenue

2:15 - Exercise #1 Draw your funnel

  • What does your business life cycle actually look like?

  • Helps to identify pain points & successes

  • Phases (Attraction, Nurture, Scoring/Prioritization, Selling, Measure/Learn)

"How many times is the right amount to post to social media? There is no answer. A/B test and find your own answer. It will be different for every audience, and it will change over time."

Exercise #1.5 - Draw your marketing tactics against each stage

  • Tools used at each stage

  • Social can be used in each stage

  • Social extends the funnel out for more attraction

Marketing technology is complex and crowded:

"70-80% of buying occurs outside your funnel" - a case for social!

Exercise #2 - What is your brand?

  • Write it down

  • What people say when you're not in the room?

Exercise 3#: Count the number of entry points in your funnel

Metrics that matter


  • # of followers

  • # of retweets

  • # of likes

Assume correlation between numbers and conversion


  • Conversion from social

  • # of new names from social

  • # of MQLs resulting from social

  • Social Lift

Specific Social Martech (specific tools)


What are realistic onboarding expectations for migrating to an automation platform?

90 days (Plus or minus based on Team Engagement, size of company, complexity of funnels)

Would you recommend a marketing person to get a certain level of content, seo, etc, before jumping into automation?

If you do the prep work of defining your funnel, you should not see disruption.

Don’t waste anymore time wondering if your marketing works. We will work with you to reveal a realistic marketing strategy for attainable growth and success. Improve your website visibility, social engagement, content relevance, email delivery, and customer communication strategy.

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