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  • Sarah Lee, co-founder

Kalamazoo Social Media Week 2017!

Kalamazoo Social Media Week has been a work in progress for 6 years and continues to grow as part of many dedicated marketing professionals passion project. I have had the luxury of being at the epicenter of its development and meeting many other marketing professionals along the way who care about this project.

We launched the project "Kalamazoo Social Media Week" as the needs of TweetUp Kalamazoo, a local user group that met monthly, changed and evolved beyond Twitter users. The week represented a blend of social media education and bringing online connections offline through a series of speakers and social events. A key component of this week is filling a gap in professional development specifically in the area social media - an ever changing platform that harnesses local, regional and global attention.

This year we are proud of the line up and the partners we have brought on to support our efforts. We hope you find value in the connections you make and also the thought starters our speakers will bring to the table. If you are inspired by Kalamazoo Social Media Week, please do not hesitate to let us know on our social channels or by email at We want to hear all about it!

ABOUT Sarah Lee is the co-founder and event organizer for Kalamazoo Social Media Week. Previously she was the host and organizer of TweetUp Kalamazoo for 4 successful years prior to transitioning her efforts to Kalamazoo Social Media Week. Sarah is also the Director of Marketing and Communications at Wings Event Center focusing solely on the minor league hockey team's, Kalamazoo Wings, marketing campaigns and initiatives. Likes: Book publishing, traveling the world, recipe development, and learning new things every day. Learn more about her on her website at

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