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Generation Z: Understanding Who They Are and The Channels They Prefer Cristin Jordan, VML


GenZ AKA iGeneration AKA Plurals AKA Centennials range 1995-2012 (they are between 3 - 22 years old)


Issues top of mind:

  • STEM,

  • Global warming,

  • Loneliness,

  • Gender Equality

Techonology Top of mind:

  • Virtual Reality

  • Net Neutrality

Media Consumption:

  • Movies

  • Bleak

  • End of world

  • Big world issues

  • Teen & kid awards show


Gen Z Descriptors:

  • Self-directed

  • Hyper-inclusive

  • Digitally savvy (Online and offline worlds have merged)

  • Value privacy

Avid Content Creators:

  • 25% post video content weekly

  • 80% consider self-expression a priority

2:30p - Impact on marketplace:

  • Contribute to family decision making and purchases

  • Spend at least 1x/month (A lot of time in person)

  • Highly influenced by word of mouth (online and peers)

  • Extremely Financially Conservative

2:35p - Overcoming Gen Z hurdles:

  • Focus on digital reputation

  • Prioritize authenticity

  • Offer them experiences

  • Take advantage of their capacity to create content

  • Allow & empower them to contribute

  • Extend the value of your product offering

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