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Keynote Brooke Foley of Jayne Agency

10:30 - Excited to have Jayne Agency with us sharing insights around branding and storytelling.

10:35 -

A strategy doesn't have to crazy and complex. It has to be shared and documented.

10:45a - 3 parts of great storytelling.

10:51 - jumping into a brand workshop. You can do your own with this worksheet .

11:01 - "Goals need to be realistic, sustainable, and attainable, otherwise it's just a hobby."

11:08 - How do you choose who to target with your marketing? Align on mindset & values.

11:30 - If you're trying to get buy-in for social from management try to tie it to financial goals & business goals.

Don’t waste anymore time wondering if your marketing works. We will work with you to reveal a realistic marketing strategy for attainable growth and success. Improve your website visibility, social engagement, content relevance, email delivery, and customer communication strategy.

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