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Panel Discussion: Visual Content Creation

3:50 - It's time to get multiple perspectives in our first ever panel discussion with:

4:15 - Inspiration:

  • Follow other accounts with a visual mix you enjoy and try to emulate

  • Flow from the brand history and style guide

THink through ho wyou want your user to feel when they look at your images and captions.

4:24p - The tools don't matter. Keeping a consistent brand image and quality content will help your content resonate.

4:30 - Measuring Success:

  • Use tracking links

  • Engagement metrics tend to be most popular when measuring visual effectiveness

4:35p - Winning Strategies

  • Make social engagement asks very simple (ie "tag 3 friends" vs "take this photo and share it here")

  • Look at micro influencers (lower subscriber numbers) to help spread the brand message

  • May have loyal and engaged followers

  • Tell a story: behind the scenes, retreats, re-brand, launch, onboarding

4:40p - Engaging with stakeholder (getting buy-in)

  • Make it easy. Visual branding is hard, simplifying and walking through the process and importance can help.

  • Before and after mock-ups to visualize the impact of a better strategy.

  • Have a plan, but don't think too far ahead, the landscape changes quickly.


  • Authenticity

  • Consistency

  • Simple asks

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