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KEYNOTE: The Bright Side of Paid Social Stephen Mariani, SOCIALDEVIANT

10:36a - Current environment

2-3% of fans today reached by organic social content.

Consumers expectations have grown:

  • Promos Discounts

  • Latest product info

  • Customer Service

  • Entertainment

  • Ability to offer feedback

10:45a - Top 5 ways Paid Social has improved the social landscape

  1. Creative freedom - more ad type that allow for more creative ways to tell stories

  • Canvas Ad -> create an immerse experience within Facebook that matches your brand

  • Facebook Live -> pay for live video before playing to increase exposure

  • Carousel -> Create a succession of photos to show a timeline or story over multiple frames (cutting a photo into 3+ segments)

  1. More Focus

  • Platform Choice - Only engaging on platforms that matter to your audience

  • Frequency Choice -> Choose moments when it matters to the brand over posting for exposure

  • Campaign Choice

  1. Closer Connections

  2. Go broad or specific

  3. Lookalike audiences

  4. Demographic Audience

  5. Interest audiences

  6. Geographic audiences

  7. Clear Metrics of Success

  • Shoppable Tags on Instagram

  • Pinterest Buyable Pins

  • Facebook brand awareness ads - measure ad recall

  • Local Awareness Ads - Store traffic and offline conversions

  1. Horizontal Enabler -> Social is start of a great idea not an afterthought of a campaign

  • Outfit of the day at Nordstrom

Clear metrics of success: You can get closer to your KPIs with Shoppable images, buyable pins, brand awareness ads, and local awareness ads.

11:15a - Excelling in "Paid Social"

  • Set Clear goals

  • Rethink standard of organizational principles

  • From siloed departments to Collaborative departments

  • Content by business unit to Content by need state

  • Set a standard for "Good"

  • Integrate paid into your creative process

  • Use trends & updates as a catalyst for creativity

Don’t waste anymore time wondering if your marketing works. We will work with you to reveal a realistic marketing strategy for attainable growth and success. Improve your website visibility, social engagement, content relevance, email delivery, and customer communication strategy.

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